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Curlformers by Hair Flair


Curls come in many different shapes and textures. When it comes to perfecting your ringlets, Curlformers has created reliable products designed to achieve different curl shapes without any frustration! They created the only patented curling system without the use of often damaging heat. Their salon-grade curlers are great for any hair type or texture and offer beautiful results in the form of the perfect curl. Best of all, hair is safe from damage and breakage caused by using heat powered curlers. These options are used by salons and hair care enthusiasts around the world for their stunning end result. Unlike hard curlers, these soft fabric twists are gentle on hair and can be removed without pulling on hair causing breakage or loss. From beachy waves to corkscrews, Curlformers can help you see the best curls of your life without the high price of strand damage!

Founded in 2009 and based in the province of Quebec in Canada, Love Thy HnS carry naturally inspired products for textured hair (curly, wavy, kinky, coiled, locs, naturals, relaxed hair or transitioners). We also carry all natural products for dry skin. Our products are for adults, babies and kids. Experience the difference, using the right products.