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Valerie's Favs

My Love Thy Hair Favorites!

A little bit about myself:
I am a PJ (Product Junkie). How else would I have tested EVERY single one of the fantastic products you find in this online boutique? :)
A little bit about my hair:
Low Porosity
Density: Medium Thick
Texture: fine strands but coarse in texture
if you are into the hair typing system, I would say a mixture of 4a and 4b (very tightly coiled).
Pre-Shampoo (aka ''pre-poo'') Treatment
  • Jane Carter Solution Scalp Renew
  • Jessicurl Stimulating Scalp Oil
  • Hairveda Vatika Frosting (Coconut oil infused with Indian herbs)
  • Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Lotion
  • Bekura Apple & Sorghum Supple Hair Soak
  • Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo (so gentle and moisturizing)
  • Jirano Coconut Shampoo
  • Bobeam Cheris and Hibiscus Shampoo Bar (amazing! and great for travel)
  • Bobeam Coco Honey & Amla Conditioning Shampoo Bar
  • Bobeam Cocoa & Rhassoul Clay Bar (once a month for a detox)
  • Bobeam ACV Shampoo Bar (once a month for a detox)  
  • Jane Carter Solution Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo
  • Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo 


Cleansing Conditioner
  • Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner
  • DevaCurl No Poo
  • Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash
Conditioner - A MUST! I use a TON on a weekly basis. My list keeps getting bigger because it really is that one product that I cannot skip in my hair care regimen and I love to try and discover new conditioners that could work for my hair. If I could only bring one beauty item with me on vacation, it would be a conditioner. I detangle my hair with conditioners;therefore, I selected the ones that have either amazing slip or enough "slip" (glides smoothly on the hair to help with the detangling process). Some of these conditioners are great as leave-in conditioners as well :)
  • Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner
  • Curl Junkie Argan and Oilve Oil Daily Hair Conditioner
  • Blended Beauty Curl Quenching Conditioner or Blended Cutie Tug Me Not Conditioner
  • Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra-Smoothing Conditioner
  • DevaCurl One Conditioner
  • Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Hugo Naturals Smoothing and Defining Conditioner
  • Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner
  • Camille Rose Naturals Jansyn's Moisture Max Conditioner
Deep Conditioner/Treatment
  • Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Curl Junkie Curl Rehab
  • Shea Moisture Purification Masque
  • Shea Moisture Super Fruit Complex Masque
  • Darcy's Botanicals Deep Conditioning Mask
  • Ayacaona - Bana
  • Hydratherma Naturals Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment 
  • Bekura Y.A.M. Nectar or Bekura Vanilla Whiskey Hair Soak
  • Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner
  • Hairveda Jardin Deep Conditioner
  • Curls Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner
  • Bekura Vanilla Whiskey Repairing Hair Soak
  • Bekura Y.A.M. Nectar
  • EarthTones Naturals -  curl replenish™ restorative hair mask
  • Amika Triple RX Mask

Leave-In Conditioner/Detangler

(I am a big fan of leave-in conditioners since I also use them as stylers to define my curls when I want a very soft hold).

  • Blended Beauty SilkShake
  • Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner
  • Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion
  • Ayacaona Anani (great as a leave-in/moisturizer)
  • Curl Junkie Beauticurls Leave-in Conditioner
  • Darcy's Botanicals Natural Coils Daily Leave-in Conditioning Spray
  • Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner (great as a leave-in)
  • Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cream Daily Leave-in Conditioner
  • Kinky-Curly Knot Today
  • My Honey Child Aloe Vera Leave-in
  • Bekura Honey Latte Detangling Hair Milk (great as a leave-in/moisturizer)
  • KBB Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner
  • KBB Silky Leave-in Conditioner
  • Hydratherma Naturals Protein Balance Leave-in Conditioner

Butters/Creams/Milks/Oils I believe that water is truly the only thing that moisturizes hair in general;however, having said that, it is really important to choose products that are efficient in sealing moisture. Oils, pomades, butters and creams, are excellent to seal moisture and provide nourishment.

  • Blended Beauty Curl Styling Butter
  • Earthtones Naturals Hair Butter
  • Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration
  • Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk
  • Shea Moisture Yucca and Aloe Thickening Growth Milk
  • Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion
  • Ayacaona Anani
  • Avocado oil, Apricot oil, Sweet almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Macadamia oil and argan oil
  • Hairveda Cocasta Shikakai Oil
  • Hairveda Jarding Conditioning Oil
  • Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Hair Oil
  • Bekura Honey Latté Detangling Hair Milk
  • My Honey Child Honey Love Moisturizer
  • Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream (simply excellent, in my top 2)
  • Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk
  • Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter
  • Soultanicals Marula Muru Moisture Guru
  • My Honey Child Type 4 Hair Crème
  • UFD Extra Butter
  • Blended Cutie Jelly Cream (for wash & go)
  • Blended Beauty Curl Styling Butter
  • Jirano Coconut Silk Curl Definer
  • Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream (a simply truly amazing and naturally derived product. Excellent for wash & go and quite affordable considering the size and quality of this product) . It works very well with the Jane Carter Leave-in Conditioner for second, third... day hair. Your wash and wear style, or twists will last you days. Personally, I think it is simply "The best darn curl creme period" (sorry Miss Jessie's!))
  • Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles OR Bekura Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Buttercream (for twists)
  • Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Hair Gel
  • KCCC (Kinky-Curly Curling Custard)
  • Hydratherma Naturals Aloe Curl Enhancing Twisting Cream
  • UFD Curly Magic
  • Earthtones Naturals Curl Enhancing Gelly

Finishing Aid

  • Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine or favorite oils or pomades
  • Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste or Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste
Favorite Tools
  • A D3 Denman brush! (excellent for detangling and even more so for defining curls!)
  • My fingers! I also use them to detangle my hair.
  • Kinky-Curly Shower Comb
My Love Thy Skin Favorites!

If you did not know, Nubian Heritage is the sister brand of Shea Moisture and the brands are owned by Sundial Creations.
Nubian Heritage has perfected the art in using unrefined shea butter in all of their products!
What is Shea Butter?
Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of a fruit that grows on the Magnifolia tree which begins to bear after about fifteen years, in Central and West Africa. The pits are removed from the fruit, boiled and then sun dried for several days until they are completely dehydrated, and the butter is extracted by hand. Shea Butter is graded
raw, refined and highly refined. Some of our butters are highly refined and others are raw. Shea Butter has healing, skin protection and moisturizing properties, and it contains natural sun protection. Used daily on the face and body it drastically reduces sun exposure, which in turn slows down the aging process due to external factors.
Unique to Shea Butter is it’s high content of non-saponifiable fats. This natural fatty acid action penetrates the skin at a cellular level, contributing to the regeneration process of dry and wrinkled skin. It also helps to heal scars, burns and stretch marks. Additionally, Shea Butter replenishes elasticity, nourishes the skin with vitamins A, E and F, treats skin irritations, cold sores, itching, eczema, burns, dermatitis and skin discolorations.
My personal favorites, Nubian Heritage Bar soaps! of course they all contain shea butter, are all natural and contain certified organic ingredients. Another favorite, Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap (as a facial cleanser and body wash).
I really enjoy using oils, butters and thick lotions or creams to moisturize my parched skin. The Nubian Heritage Body Lotions and the Bekura Whipped Custard are my personal favorite, they contain an ample amount of shea butter as well as nourishing oils! 
When I only want to use an oil to moisturize my skin, I use the Shea Coco oil from OilBlends on my body and OilBlends Real Jojoba Oil to moisturize the skin on my face.

Founded in 2009 and based in the province of Quebec in Canada, Love Thy HnS carry naturally inspired products for textured hair (curly, wavy, kinky, coiled, locs, naturals, relaxed hair or transitioners). We also carry all natural products for dry skin. Our products are for adults, babies and kids. Experience the difference, using the right products. ‚Äč